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You are not worth what you earned. You are worth what you saved.


Simple guidelines for managing your expenses ...
  • Prepare an annual expense budget. Estimate your expenditure
  • under various heads per month.
  • Be realistic while estimating your expenses. Budgeting will be futile if you either over-estimate or under-estimate.
  • Keep track of daily expenses under broad headings.
  • Compare monthly variances between actual expenditure and budgeted expenditure.
  • Don't compensate in one expense head if you exceed your budget in another. Preferably, try to reduce your expense under the same head in succeeding months to make up. 

Features of  the Expense Record Book:

  • At the beginning of the year, you have to enter your annual budgeted expenses per month under thirteen main expenditure categories viz: food and groceries, vehicle fuel and maintenance, electricity, clothes, education, rent, travel, conveyance, entertainment, telephone,  medical, taxes, and miscellaneous.
  • You feed in your daily expenditure for these categories.
  • Every time you feed in your expenses, the Expense Record Book calculates for you the following:
    • categorywise total expenditure for the month till date,
    • categorywise total expenditure for the year till date, and
    • a variance  report which shows you where you have overspent and/or underspent - for which month and under which category.

Our Expense Record Book solves your  problem of keeping track of your daily expenses.
Prepared in the ubiquitous Microsoft Excel format, it contains a record of all your important information arranged in a neat and concise manner.
Please read the Agreement before downloading the template.
By downloading you confirm that you agree to the terms of the Agreement.

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Time:  5 seconds.


- Warren Buffett


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