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  • A Will can be hand written in ink but preferably should be typed.

  • It does not require any Stamp Paper & and it need not be Registered.

  • It should preferably be drafted by a lawyer, and checked by an Accountant.

  • It is advisable to name in your Will, more than one EXECUTOR / EXECUTRIX to administer the estate and distribute the property, as per your desire.

  • The Will must be signed by you in the presence of at least TWO WITNESSES who must also sign Will at the same time. Their full names and addresses should be given.
    (Note: Witnesses need not know the Contents of the Will)

  • The Executor or Beneficiary cannot ATTEST the Will as a witness.

  • The Executor of the Will can also be named as a beneficiary and vice versa.

  • SIGN each page of the Will, so that nobody can substitute a page later on, nor can anybody argue about fraudulent insertion of a page subsequently.

  • KEEP your Will in a safe place e.g. in a bank locker. Inform the Executor and Beneficiaries where the Will is kept. Also give a signed copy to your lawyer.

  • REVIEW your Will regularly, say once a year. It may need amending to take care of changes in your financial or family circumstances.

  • On the demise of the spouse, the surviving spouse needs to revise his/her Will.

             Making a Will is one of the most important and integral part of Personal Financial Planning. Normally, all of us avoid making it. A Will enables each one of us to distribute our property and assets in the manner we wish to distribute it. A Will may also reduce the risks of undue litigation, delays, misunderstandings and disputes amongst family members.


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Inhabitant, residing at

being in a sound and disposing state of mind, hereby revoke all former Wills, Codicils and other Testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will and testament.

1. I appoint :



And Mr./Mrs./Miss.

To be the Executors / Executrixes of this my Will, to act jointly and severally.
2. I direct that the following personal belongings owned by me shall be distributed amongst the persons named as follows :
3. I direct that my last illness expenses, the funeral and religious ceremony expenses / legal expenses of probate, etc. unpaid taxes, other liabilities, if any, and such other expenses shall be paid from the followings :
4. I direct that the following movable and immovable properties owned by me shall be distributed as per their respective shares amongst persons named as follows :
5. I give, devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of my property, whether movable or immovable of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate to my absolutely.
Dated this day of 19
Witness :
Signed by the said Mr./Mrs./Miss.
(Signature the Testator)
The Testator, in the presence of us present at
The time, who in his presence and in the
Presence of each other subscribe our name
As witnesses:
1)Signature of the Witness:
2)Signature of the Witness:


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